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Military Medical Academy -
Vojnomedicinska akademija VMA

Immunology and Cell Biology group

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The group for Immunology and Cell Biology is performing their research within the projects of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development at the Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy (INEP) (project no 175102, academician Miodrag Čolić), and the projects of Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy (Prof. Dr Dragana Vučević, Academician Miodrag Čolić).

The research focus includes: 1) immunoregulatory mechanisms in inflammation, 2) development of dendritic cells (DC)-based immunotherapy for cancer and autoimmune diseases and, 3) biocompatibility and immunomodulatory properties of biomaterials and nanomaterials. Different chronic inflammation models are being used to study the cross-talk between immune and nonimmune cells, towards discovery of molecular mechanisms suitable for targeted therapy. The group also apply different protocols for the generation of immunogenic DCs capable of inducing efficient anti-tumor responses in vitro and in vivo in B16 melanoma model. Tolerogenic DCs generated with nanomaterials, stem cells, etc., are being tested for their increased capacity to induce suppressive Treg subpopulations in vitro and in vivo in a model of EAE in rats. Biocompatibility studies of biomaterials (shape-memory alloys, biomimetic composite materials, degradable polymers) and nanomaterials (gold nanoparticles, carbon nanotube, graphene quantum dots, cellulose nanofibrils) enable detection of their adverse immunological effects, and discovery of new ways to improve and apply these materials in state-of-the-art immunotherapy. Therefore, different methods are being applied (cell culture, ELISA, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, β-counter, SEM, TEM, WB, PCR, etc.) for study on different cell models (L929, Raw, 4T1, PBMC, DC, T, THP-1, U937, CaCo2, etc.), patients cells, and in animal models.

Selected publications

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