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Institute for Medical Research
University of Belgrade
Group of immunology

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Group of immunology was founded in 2007 as the successor of the Group for immunochemistry. The change in the name of the group was a result of the broadening of the research scope, from immunochemical properties of immunoglobulins, immune complexes and lipoproteins to the molecular and cellular mechanisms of immunoregulation.

Before 2007, research work in the Group of immunology was focused on investigation of molecular basis of interactions within the humoral branch of immune response by analysing structural characteristics of immunoglobulins in body fluids of humans and animals under physiological and pathological conditions. The results of studies of molecular mechanisms of malignant alterations in multiple myeloma have provided information on structural characteristics of serum and urinary monoclonal immunoglobulins (paraprotein) in human malignant monoclonal gammopathies, on activity of two inherited immunoglobulin gene locuses, and composition B of cell receptors expressed on peripheral blood lymphocyte in multiple myeloma. In this period significant part of the work were related to the problem of reactivity and specificity of rheumatoid factors, auto anti-immunoglobulin antibodies present in the serum of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Another major area in the group was investigation of molecular characteristics of immunoglobulin as a part of local immunological defence system on mucosal surfaces. The most important part of this research was dealt with analyses of molecular characteristics of immunoglobulins of oral fluids (salivary and gingival fluid) in parodontopathies.

Since 2007, due to the opening of new research areas the members of the group have introduced, in cooperation and with the help of researches from other institutes and faculties of the University of Belgrade, a number of new methods and techniques: cell culture, modern microscopic techniques, complex physicochemical analyses, and techniques for testing nucleic acids. The main part of current researches is the study of immunomodulatory function of immune complex, mesenchymal stem cells, nutrients, and hormones. As a part of the research into mechanisms of immunoregulation, members of the group participated in research of cell signalling pathways through which proinflammatory cytokines regulate growth and functions of hematopoietic and non-haematopoietic cell of significance for effective immune response. As a part of applied research members of the group have analysed anti-inflammatory role of conventional and newly synthesized steroidal and non-steroidal drugs administered in the form of free molecules or in the form of system for prolonged release based on erythrocyte membranes. Also the group the group have carried out studies of body fluids’ proteins and lipoproteins with the aim of using them as biomarkers of inflammatory diseases in humans and animals. In addition, basic and applied research performed in the group led to the development of a significant number of immunohemical assays.

The group is headed by dr Vesna Ilić, and associates are dr Dragana Marković, Sonja Mojsilović, dr Ivana Drvenica, Marijana Kovacić, and Ana Stančić.

Selected publications

Dobričić V, Drvenica I, Stančić A, Mihailović M, Čudina O, Bugarski D, Ilić V. (2018) Investigation of metabolic properties and effects of 17β-carboxamide glucocorticoids on human peripheral blood leukocytes. Arch Pharm Chem Life Sci. 2018;e1700371.

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